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Air Accessories

Air Tool and Air Compressor Accessories

Rudd Industrial carry an extensive range of airline fittings and accessories including Hoses, Fitted Hoses, Retractable Hoses, Nitto Fittings, Ryco Fittings, Mini Ball Valves, Barbed fittings, Regulators, Compressor oil and Air tool oil.


Airline Fittings – We carry a comprehensive range of fittings in-store.

Air Tool Oil – We recommend the regular use of air tool oil which will improve the performance of your Air Tools whilst reducing heat and noise, and assist to extend the tool life whilst reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Air Hoses – We stock a range of air hoses with and without fittings.  For versatility we recommend Macnaught Retractable Hoses as the best option for most general applications. They are available in a  variety of orientations, can be mounted almost anywhere, including service vehicles,  keeping hoses off the floor, and out of the way protecting workers from harm.

You will find all the air fittings and accessories you need in store to set up a service vehicle or completely fit out an Industrial Workshop.


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