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Wire Brushes and Wire Wheels

Wire Brushes and Wire Wheels

We stock and supply a comprehensive range of Wire Brushes, Wheel Brushes, Cup Brushes, Bevel Brushes, De-carb Brushes, Tube Brushes and Wire Hand Brushes from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our extensively stocked range of Josco and Flexovit wire product ensures that we have the product you need when you need it.

If you are concerned about operator safety then don’t risk wire brushes and wheels where potential injuries could occur. Switch to Scotch-Brite product with nylon bristles for enhanced safety. Get more details here.

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Josco are reknowned for their quality brushware:

  • Cup Brushes – Cup Brushes are available with both a threaded bore or a spindle. The crimped wire cup brush design allows for less aggressive brushing and contaminant removal, whereas the twist knot wire design is ideal for hard, aggressive brushing and contaminant removal. They are great for scale, rust and paint removal, and are suitable for use with angle grinders.
  • Bevel Brushes – Bevel brushes are designed specifically for brushing in ‘hard to reach’ work piece areas. The bevel design allows the brush to be operated either as a flat brush or a “wheel” brush. They are suitable for use with angle grinders.
  • De-Carb Brush – Decarbonising crimped cup and end brushes are ideal for removing rust and corrosion from most metals, and decarbonising in automotive applications. They are suitable for use with low speed air tools and drills.
  • Pipeline Brush – Twistknot pipeline wheel brushes are used in areas such as stringer bead welds, hot pass, double jointing and bevel cleaning.
  • Tube Brush – Boiler and Condensor tube brushes are ideal for the removal of rust and residue inside tubes and holes. The double twist variety offers greater brush density. They are available in HD steel wire, brass and nylon.
  • Wheel Brush – Wheel brushes either come in the crimped wire or twistknot wire variety. The crimped wire construction allows for softer brushing and light paint and rust removal. Twistknot wire wheel brushes are ideal for hard, aggressive brushing and contaminant removal. They are suitable for use with either an angle grinder or bench grinder.
  • Wire Hand Brushes Archives – Wire hand brushes are ideal for removing paint, rust and corrosion. They are available in a wide variety of configurations, including 3, 4 or 5 rows, and converged face. Scratch brushes are also available in the range, and are perfect for getting into tight corners and narrow spaces. You’ll find that these hand brushes are available in high carbon steel wire, 316 stainless steel, brass wire, and brass coated high carbon steel wire.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, we also provide products from alternate suppliers, however stock may need to be ordered in.

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