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Spray Paints and Paint Accessories

Spray Paints and Paint Accessories

We stock an extensive range of quality Spray Paint in a wide variety of colours as well as galvanising paints and primers. We are stockists of Dymark ,a leading force in the innovative manufacture and distribution of top quality specialised marking paints and coatings. Their extensive product ranges now includes: Marking Aerosol/Bulk Paints, Inks and Dyes, Industrial Markers and Stencilling Products, Protective and Decorative coatings, Cleaners and Solvents, Industrial Packaging Products.

For those larger jobs we supply to order 20L drums of Industrial Spray paint, Dulux trade paint and stock all the accessories such as rollers, paint brushes, masking tap, scrapers and thinners.If you need industrial quality product for building, automotive or engineering then we can supply all your painting needs

Odd Jobs Spray Paints are available in an extensive range of colours and are suitable for touch-up applications.

Dymark Aerosol Paints are available in a variety of specialised formulas including both vertical and horizontal spray configurations.

Dymark Marking Paints have numerous applications in Mining and Construction industries, as well as landscaping, sports ground marking, etc.

Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for a specialised item we can also provide products from alternate suppliers.

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