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Drill Bits

Rudd Industrial only supply high quality  consumables fit for industrial demands and our preferred brand of drill bits is Sutton. Sutton is an Australian manufacturer dedicated to producing a premium quality product able to withstand the toughest conditions and work environments.

We stock an extensive range of Sutton Drill Bits  and we have ranges in Metric and Imperial, High Speed Steel and Cobalt, Reduced Shank, Long Series, Extra Long Series, Masonry including SDS Plus, Spade Bits, Panel Drills, Tap Drills and sizes ranged in 0.1mm increments, Bulk packs and a large range of Drill Kits.

Use this Drill Chart Guide to select the correct Masonary Drill Bits for your needs or if you are having any issues with Masonary drilling check out this handy Sutton Masonry Trouble Shooting Guide or for Metal Drilling use the Sutton Metal Drilling Trouble Shooting Guide.

Contact your local branch for price and availability on all your drilling requirements.


Sutton Tools Jobber Drill – The Jobber Drill is a standard length twist drill that is suitable for every day drilling through wood, metal and plastics.

Sutton Tools Panel Drills – Panel Drills are designed for drilling holes in sheet metal to suit pop rivets. They are designed for shallow holes through thin metals.

Sutton Tools Long Series – These Drills are the same as a normal Jobber Drill except that the lengths have been increased to aid additional reach requirements.

Sutton Tools Morse Taper Shank Drill – This type of Drill is used in machine type situations, ie lathes, drill presses, etc. The taper on the shank drill locks into a corresponding taper in the machine head.

Sutton Tools Reduced Shank Drills – This type of drill allows you to drill a larger hole than your drill chuck would normally allow. These drill bits can drill through timber, metal and plastic.

Sutton Tools Cobalt Drill – Cobalt high-speed steel heavy-duty drills are harder and stronger than standard high-speed steel and are designed for drilling tough materials such as stainless steel. For machine and hand held drilling

Sutton Tools Standard Masonary Drills – Masonry Drills are manufactured with an impact style masonry tip, which makes them ideally suited to either rotary or hammer drilling operations in concrete, stone or brick. Available in 3 standard lengths.

Sutton Tools Twister SDS Plus/Multi-fit Drills – Twister SDS Plus/ Drills combines hi-tech with speed and efficiency. Concentrated on two specific points the Twister
Plus technical improvements are innovative in the way the bit performs. Special outlet throats accelerate the removal of drill waste. Drill bit head is honed for greater accuracy and an optimised percussion effect resulting in this drill being 30% quicker than comparable products. Self centring carbide tip and a unique flute design for fast swarf evacuation. Twister SDS Plus masonry drills are the fastest penetrating masonry drills on the market- guaranteed.
Twister SDS Multi-Fit is the same as the Diager Twister Plus. It comes with a shank that suits all power drills in the market.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, a specific brand or specialised product we can also provide products from other suppliers including Bordo, Goliath and Alpha.

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