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Stainless Fasteners and Hardware

Stainless Fasteners and Hardware

We stock an extensive range of Stainless Fasteners including Stainless Bolts, Stainless Set Screws, Stainless Nuts, Stainless Washers, Stainless Threaded Bar,Stainless Socket Head Cap Screws as well as an extensive range of Stainless Hardware (D Shackles, Wire Rope Accessories, Ballastrading Hardware). Whether it be Metric or Imperial, Grade 316  or Grade 304 we can fill your orders in full and on time. Check out the lists below to view our range and call one of our staff to check price, availability and to place your order.


Stainless Grade 316 is also referred to as Marine Grade and is suitable for areas that are susceptible to corrosion. Grade 316 is less susceptible to corrosion but will be more brittle than Grade 304. Fasteners such as rivets and screws are often Grade 304 to avoid breakage.

Stainless Metric Grade 316 (A4)

Stainless Imperial Grade 316 (A4)

Stainless Grade 316 (A4) Nuts

Stainless Grade 316 (A4) Sundry

Stainless Grade 304 is often referred to as Food Grade Stainless but has applications in many other industries.

Stainless Metric Grade 304 (A2)

Stainless Imperial Grade 304 (A2)

Stainless Grade 304 (A2) Nuts

Stainless Grade 304(A2) Metal Threads and Selftappers

Stainless Grade 304 Sundry

Stainless Hardware

Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for something slightly different, we can also provide products from these Non-core suppliers, however, stock may need to be ordered in.

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