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Welding Machines


At Rudd Industrial we stock and supply Bossweld, WIA,  Weldclass and Torchmaster welding equipment. Whether you’re purchasing a Stick Welder, TIG or MIG Welder or even a Plasma Cutting Machine we can assist, plus we also carry a comprehensive range of spare parts and consumables to back this up. If you need service and backup we arrange warranties and repairs as required. When you need a quality machine to suit the tough Australian environment in the fabrication industry, your workshop, or onsite then contact one of the trained sales representatives at Rudd Industrial to get the right machine for you.




WIA Selection Chart – MIG


Weldmatic 270 –  Single phase suitable for light industrial, medium fabrication, rural workshops, hire fleets, body shops and maintenance.

Weldmatic 270C – Single phase suitable for light industrial, workshops, body shops, maintenance and training centres.

Weldmatic 356 – Three phase suitable for light to medium industrial fabrication, sheet metal, boat building, service repair, maintenance and training centres/schools, stainless steel and aluminium.

Weldmatic 396 – Medium to heavy fabrication, training centres/schools, stainless steel and aluminium.

Weldmatic Fabricator – Medium to heavy fabrication including vehicle fabrication, ship building, aluminium and stainless steel construction and the full range of steel fabrication

If you’re looking for something slightly different, we can also provide products from alternate suppliers, however,stock may need to be ordered in.

Dynaweld Machine range –  The Bossweld range of machines represents ‘best value’ available, in terms of 140 AMP to 500 AMP Arc, Mig, Tig and Plasma.  The mix of technology, features, ease of operation, quality, price and after sales support, ensures the Bossweld brand meets the needs of a cross section of the market. The Bossweld range offers an appealing point of difference, an alternative for industry end users looking to maximize their capital outlays without compromising performance.


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