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Transport and 4WD

Transport and 4WD Equipment

We stock and supply Transport and 4WD Equipment including BeaconsChain, Ratchet Straps, Load Binders, 4WD Recovery Straps and Recovery Winches. We supply Australia’s leading brands including Beaver and Loadset.

When it comes to load restraint if you are involved in any of the following ‘road transport activities’, you are a party in the ‘chain of responsibility’ and may be deemed liable in the event of a breach of the road laws:

•   Consigning – a person or company commissioning the carrying of goods
•    Packing – placing goods in packages, containers or pallets
•    Loading – placing or restraining the load of the vehicle
•    Driving – the physical act of driving a vehicle
•    Operating/Managing – operating a business which controls the use of a vehicle
•    Receiving – paying for the goods/taking possession of the load

Make sure you have your load secured with the full range of load restraint equipment available at your Rudd Industrial branch.

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Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for something slightly different, we can also provide products from other suppliers, however stock may need to be ordered in.

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