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Striking and Plying Tools

Striking and Plying Tools

We stock and supply an extensive range of specialised Striking and Plying tools to suit any application in the industrial market. Whether it be in your workshop, on site or on the road we have Hammers – Normalised Hammers, Gympies, Club Hammers, Ball pein Hammers, Carpenters Hammers, Copper Hammers, Nylon Hammers, Rubber mallets, Sledge Hammers, Copper Sledge Hammers, Scutch Hammers and Wire Rope Hammers .

The range of hammers is matched by the extensive range of bars on offer including Tyre Levers, Pry Bars, Spoon Bars, Crow Bars, Fence Bars, Pinch Bars, Goose Neck Bars and Wrecking Bars.

Chisels, Drifts, Roofing Punches, Centre Punches, Nail Punches, Pin Punches, and Cold Chisels are also stocked so call now to get price and availability .

We stock industrial and trade quality product and the best product from the leading brands to ensure that you get the job done right first time.



Mumme are Australian owned and an Australian producer of quality tools. Rudd Industrial proudly support Mumme and other Australian manufacturers who produce quality product for the Australian and international markets. An extensive range of Mumme striking and plying products can be found at Rudd Industrial branches.

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Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for something slightly different we can also provide products from alternate suppliers.

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