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Lubrication, Penetrants, Protectants and Cleaners

Lubrication, Penetrants, Protectants and Cleaners

We stock an extensive range of lubrication fluids, penetrants, protectants and cleaners for all your workshop needs. Looking for Lanotec, Treblex,CC or WD40, we source from the Australias leading industrial manufacturers and competitively supply all the top brands and actively support local Australian and West Australian distributors ensuring that you get the backup service you need. Included in our stocked range are the complete range of Lanotec Treblex , CRC, WD40 as well as other reknown quality industrial brand products in sizes from 300gm spray cans to 20L drums.




Lanotec Australia is a manufacturer of natural, biodegradable, and environmentally friendlier preventative maintenance products. Their range includes corrosion/rust protection products, lubricants, anti-seize, timber protection, release agents, anti-spatter and cleaners & degreasers. The primary goal of Lanotec is to reduce the overuse of petrochemical consumables in the Australian workplace, and providing quality products suited to the Australian climate. Lanotec products are proven to reduce consumable costs, reduce OH&S issues, reduce environmental impact and improve workplace productivity. Contact the staff at Rudd Industrial to get the Lanotec product for your needs.

Treblex Industrial Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company based in Perth. The Treblex range of cleaners and degreasers are formulated to offer clients a broad range in selecting the product suitable for their requirements. These products are manufactured for heavy duty cleaning in industrial applications.This range includes:

  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Solvent degreasers
  • Non-flammable degreasers
  • Quick-break degreasers
  • Automotive cleaning and detailing products
  • Mining products
  • Marine products
  • Bitumen and asphalt cleaner
  • Food industry products
  • Disinfectants

See here for your easy conversion from existing CRC product and also information on popular Cleaners, Degreaser and Industrial Aerosols.

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