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Burrs and Countersinks

Burrs and Countersinks

iF you need Burrs, Reamers and Countersinks that are manufactured to the highest standards contact us now . We have an extensive range of Sutton Carbide Burrs including Double Cut and Aluminium Cut Burrs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Countersinks available for a variety of materials suitable for countersinking and deburring.

Check out the range of Sutton Carbide Burrs, Sutton Countersinks and Sutton Reamers below and call now for price and availability.





Countersink/Deburring Tools – For countersinking screw holes in plastic, steel, tool steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass & aluminium. These tools come in various sizes: single/three flute & cross hole to suit the DIV handy person through to trades person.

  • Single Flute Countersink -For countersinking screw holes and chamfering tapping holes. For use in portable drills and drill presses.
  • Three Flute Countersink – For countersinking screw holes and chamfering tapping holes. For use in machines such as drill presses, lathes, milling machines and machining centres.
  • Cross Hole – For removing burrs in metal. Will break sharp edge of existing hole. Can be used in portable drills or machines.

Step Drills – Step Drills take on a conical shape. They have a narrow point and a larger base. They are ideally suited for making holes in soft, thin materials and allow you to achieve different sizes. For use in sheet metal, aluminium, and plastic, ideal for sheet metal without pre-drilling.

Reamers – Reamers are used for finishing a hole to a smooth finish and precise size.

  • Hand Reamers – Hand Reamers finish a hole after drilling, to a H7 tolerance, suitable for dowel pins. For use with a tap wrench.
  • Machine Reamers – Machine reamers are used to finish a hole to a H7 tolerance. Must be used in a milling machine, lathe, drill press or machining centre as it has a Morse Taper.
  • Chucking Reamer – Chucking Reamers are used for the same application as machine and hand reamers except with a cylindrical shank so are to held in a precision collet chuck and used in machines as per machine reamers.
  • Bridging Reamers – Bridging reamers are used for joining misaligned holes in fabrication and construction work. Must be used in a machine as per machine reamers.
  • Taper Pin Reamers – Taper Pin Reamers are use for opening out holes to suit 1:48 ratio taper pins. Use a tap wrench to drive it.
  • Adjustable Reamers – Adjustable Reamers have the ability to gradually make a hole larger instead of the finishing size being fixed.


If you’re looking for something slightly different, or  prefer an alternate suppler we will also provide competitively priced products from other specialised manufacturers.

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