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Welding Safety

Welding Safety


We stock an extensive range of welding safety consumables to suit all of your workshop and onsite requirements including Electronic Welding Helmets, Flip Up Welding Helmets, Respiratory, Eye and Hearing Protection, Welders Apparel and Welders Clothing, Welders Hand Protection, Welding Curtains  and Welding Blankets. We supply  industrial quality products from the leading manufacturers of Welding and Welding Safety equipment such as Pro-Choice, Bossweld, Elliots, 3M Safety, 3M Speedglass and Weldclass to Australian mining, construction, transport, agriculture, manufacturing and building industries.

If you need industrial quality welding safety product contact your local Rudd Industrial branch.

Welding Helmets – We supply a range of Welding Helmets from a basic Flip Style to the top of the range 3M Speedglas. When you need quality and value for money we recommend the Weldclass  Promax 350 welding helmet.

Welding Gloves – We stock a range of welding gloves to suit any job requirement. ProChoice use Pryovatex Flame retardant cotton protecting the welder from radiation, heat, impact from flying sparks, metal spatter, slag chips produced during welding brazing, soldering and cutting.

Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for a specific brand or specialised product we  also supply products from all the leading suppliers of welding safety equipment.

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