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Hole Saws

Hole Saws

Rudd’s only stock industrial quality product so when you need Hole Saws that are manufactured to the highest standards Rudd Industrial recommend Sutton drilling and cutting tools. We have an extensive range of Cobalt BI-Metal Holesaws from 14mm – 160mm plus various Arbours in stock. We also supply Multi-purpose Holesaws, HSS Holecutters, TCT Holecutters (Short and Long) and Diamond Grit  Holesaws  on demand. Whatever your hole drilling requirements contact your local Rudd Industrial Branch.


Use this Handy Sutton Holesaw Guide to select the correct holesaw for your needs.

Sutton Cobalt Bi-Metal Holesaws – Manufactured at Sutton Tools from high quality Bi-metal Cobalt High-Speed Steel, blue in colour they have exceptional strong strength. The unique tooth profile reduces harmonic vibration giving a smoother cutting action. Cutting to a maximum depth of 32mm (1 1/4″) they are recommended for drilling steels, cast iron, non-ferrous materials, wood and plastic.

Sutton Multi-Purpose Holesaws – This hole cutter has multiple carbide tips acting as its cutter. Suitable for cement sheet, compressed fibro, timber, plywood, particle boards and plastic this cutter can cut up to 50mm thick material.

HSS Holesaws – Made from solid High Speed Steel HSS Holesaws are deigned to cut accurate round holes in sheet metal up to 2nn thickness in steel and alloy sheets.

Tungsten Carbide Tip Cutters or TCT Holesaws – Provide enhanced performance with excellent chip disposal and a well balanced cutting action. TCT Hole cutters are recommended for use on stainless steel (up to 2mm), steels (up to 4mm), cement sheet, glass reinforced plastics and other abrasive materials. Individual TCT Hole cutters come complete with Arbour.

Diamond Grit Holesaws – Manufactured with a coating of diamond grit over the surface of their teeth, they are designed for cutting abrasive materials such as fibreglass, hard plastics, fibro-cement, ceramics and ceramic tiles.

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