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Air Tools and Accessories

 Air Compressors, Tools and Accessories

With a comprehensive range of Compressors, Air Tools and accessories in stock Rudd Industrial can supply your immediate and long term workshop needs. We supply workshop tools by Typhoon, Gamer and Geiger and heavy industrial workshop equipment from Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic and CAPS.

We supply and stock  an extensive range of Westair Compressors  suitable for both workshop and onsite applications.

Why choose air tools?

  • High power-to-weight ratio contributes to low operator fatigue.
  • Air tools run cooler and do not generate heat in performing work.
  • Compressed air is clean and poses no fire hazard or electric shock potential.

Compared to electric tools, pneumatic tools offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • Flexibility: Air tools can operate in areas where other power sources aren’t available, and they can perform a variety of tasks that electric tools cannot.
  • Cost: Air tools provide low-cost maintenance and operation because they have fewer moving parts and simple design.
  • Safety: Air tools reduce the danger of electric shock and fire hazard. They also run cooler and cannot be damaged from overloading or stalling.
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