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Cleaning and Janitorial

Cleaning and Janitorial

We stock and supply a range of cleaning equipment and consumables suitable for all your workshop needs. With an extensive range suitable for manufacturing and industry we supply workshop quality x-rayed rags, kitty litter, spray and wipe, window cleaner, paper towel, toilet paper, bin liners, brooms, mops buckets. sponges, wipes and more.


Rags – We stock and supply rag from Clean Cloth Cotton Traders. Clean Cloth Cotton Traders are an innovative and leading processor of cleaning cloths in Western Australia. Cleaning cloths (rags) are skilfully cut by hand from recycled clothing. To enhance user safety Clean Cloth Cotton Traders use an automated state of the state metal detection processing system known as the Safe Rag® system. The Safe Rag® system delivers cleaning cloths that are processed through a fully automated metal detection system that is fine tuned to reject items as small as a 29guage super fine syringe needle with a great deal of reliability. Safe Rag® cleaning cloth products come in a variety of fabrics and we stock  15KG compressed bags of Coloured Singlet/T-shirt, Coloured Cotton  and White Cotton Rags. Check out the video link.



Call now for price and availability. If you’re looking for something slightly different we can also provide products from alternate suppliers however stock may need to be ordered in.

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