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Welding Accessories

Welding Accessories

At Rudd Industrial we stock an extensive range of welding accessories including Fluxes, Anti-splatter, Nozzle Dip, Surface Treatment Chemicals, Surface Treatment Application Tools, Non-destructive Testing Products, Specialised Welders Tools, Chalk, Clamps and Magnets and Welding Pliers. Rudd Industrial is one stop shop for all your workshop requirements. Call into your local branch or phone now to get price and availability on your welding needs.

Bossweld – An Australian importer of Welding equipment for nearly 50 years. Bossweld have an extensive range of quality consumables suitable for a range of welding gear. Check out their product range and contact Rudd Industrial for price and availability,

Weldclass –  An  Australian family owned company that have grown to become one of the leading lights in the Welding and metal-fabrication supply market. Weldclass products are used successfully by welders right across the country. They are the mainstay of professionals in engineering workshops, mine sites, manufacturing plants, farm sheds and building sites.

See the latest on Weldclass Contour Pipe Tools.

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If you’re looking for something slightly different we can also provide products from alternate suppliers, however stock may need to be ordered in.

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