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Adhesives and Sealants

Adhesives and Sealants

We stock an extensive range of Industrial Adhesives and Sealants guaranteed to satisfy all your workshop and job site requirements. Supplying the highest quality products from all the brand leaders in technological development including Loctite, Cyberbond, Sika, Selleys and 3M you can rely on Rudd Industrial to provide you with the best products to suit Australia’s tough industrial environment.  Contact your local Rudd Industrial branch now for Threadlocker, Retaining Compound, Hydraulic Sealant, Pipe Sealant, Flange Sealant, Gasket Maker, Silicone, Hi-Temp Silicone, Two Part Epoxy Sealants or  Instant Adhesive (Super Glue).

Loctite threadlocker – Loctite threadlocker is a reliable way to prevent the release or loosening of thread joints due to mechanical vibrations or environmental factors such as corrosion and temperature fluctuations. Loctite threadlocker is suitable for a range of applications. We carry a comprehensive range of Loctite product and will order specialty products as required. Check out your Loctite product solution here.

Cyberbond Solutions – Cyberbond manufacture a range Threadlockers, Retaining Compounds, Pipe Sealant and  Flange Sealant, Gasket Maker and Instant Adhesive for the Industrial market. Cyberbond produce high quality product and offer a cost effective alternative to other brands without compromising quality.   A Cyberbond versus Loctite comparison sheet is attached here. Contact Rudd Industrial for a price comparison.

Sika Product Range – Sika produce a range of products for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether you‘re an experienced tradie working to the highest standards or a DIY weekend enthusiast, Sika products are the perfect solution to ensure you get the job done. With over 100 years of expertise in specialty chemicals used in major construction projects all over the world, Sika is a brand you can trust.

Call now for price and availability for products from these suppliers or if you’re looking for something slightly different we also provide products from alternate suppliers, however stock may need to be ordered.


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